Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Avant provides all clients with weekly reporting on temperatures

Temperature Controlled Warehousing is often an important part in the research and development of a new product, pharmaceutical drug, food and beverage and many other purposes.

Avant's Hartford, CT facility offers temperature controlled solutions to clients in a variety of temperatures based on their project needs. In addition to our Ambient Storage Services, Temperature offerings are:

Frozen: (-20 to 32℉)
Refrigerated: (35 to 45℉)
Heated: (70 to 110℉)

Throughout your temperature controlled project needs Avant's team will work closely with you to make sure all material is monitored and maintained within the desired temperature range AQL's during storage and transit.

Avant features the ibright® telemetry system from International Telematics. Providing the most advanced refrigerated monitoring system available which, together with the many other features of the ibright® system, can substantially enhance the financial and operating performance of transporters of chilled and frozen products.

Refrigerated Monitoring: The ibright® Difference

  • The most advanced reefer, tractor, truck or trailer monitoring capabilities all from the same system providing significantly greater returns.
  • If monitoring is only necessary when tethered, the reefer can be monitored from the ibright® unit installed on the tractor or truck.
  • If monitoring is necessary when untethered, the reefer can be monitored from a separate ibright® unit on the reefer.
  • Driver performance (speeding, swerving, cornering, acceleration) and location can be monitored from the reefer if the tractor (e.g. when being driven on contract) does not have a monitoring system.
  • A refrigerated unit health report that can be forwarded to your dealer to provide for pro-active maintenance and rapid response to reefer malfunction.

Features of the ibright® Refrigerated Monitoring System

  • Integrated with the control modules of refrigerated units from the major manufacturers
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting when compartment temperatures move outside of the set temperature ranges
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of the Reefer APU status including engine hours, fuel levels and other diagnostic information
  • Two-way communication to allow key operating settings, including temperature, to be modified remotely
  • Combined playback of reefer temperature, trouble code alerts, vehicle speed and driver alerts and location
  • Despite its high functionality the small size of the ibright® unit (4.2â??/2.4â??/1.4â??) allows for easy installation in the control box

Other Vehicle Management Capabilities

  • Fuel efficiency and the range of driver and vehicle factors that determine fuel use
  • Tire life and the range of driver and vehicle factors that directly impact tire wear
  • Engine status and diagnostic trouble alerting
  • Vehicle utilization with sophisticated location and landmark (geofence) capabilities
  • Trailer fleet management, tracking and utilization
  • Driver performance and assessment for management, incentivisation and retention
  • Customer satisfaction criteria such as responsivity, load quality control and reliability
  • Ability to send instructions to vehicle systems such as for idle kill or temperature setting
  • Driver messaging and routing
  • Over the air enquiry of vehicle systems such as engine diagnostics
  • Carbon emission reporting
  • Management of regulatory compliance including Hours of Service and State Fuel Tax
  • Driver log-on, ID and Status
  • Driver routing and location based messaging â?? more effective fleet-wide job management
  • Safety factor alerting, monitoring and management
  • Accident alerting and playback
  • Fleet management or optimization challenges that are specific to your fleet

One ibright® unit can be used to monitor both truck/tractor data and reefer data:

1. Fixed configuration â?? When monitoring a bobtail / straight truck, or a tractor / reefer trailer configuration (in situations where reefer monitoring is only required when the trailer is hitched), both truck and reefer data can be monitored from a single ibright® unit.

2. Autonomous configuration â?? If reefer trailer monitoring is required when both hitched and unhitched from the tractor, a second ibright® unit is installed on the reefer. In these situations, driver performance and location can also be monitored from the reefer ibright® (such as when the reefer trailer is being towed by a contract driver).

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