Going Green

Avant Business Services encourages all of its employees and associates to be environmentally responsible to help improve the world we all share. We do this in many ways each day:

  • With electronic invoicing that saves ink, paper, stamps, handling by the postal service and their vehicles
  • By encouraging E-payment using ACH (American Clearing House) available through every bank on our fragile planet. See above, no paper, USPS, etc. Call us to take part in this program
  • By using Mass Transit for almost 90% of our Metropolitan NY deliveries
  • Encouraging our Independent Contractors to utilize GPS units to shorten delivery times and miles on the road
  • Through route optimization programs that further alleviate the need for unnecessary driving
  • By coordinating with State Agencies and utilities to search for the best available technologies to reduce our electric footprint in our hubs and distribution center
  • By caring about who we are and our neighbors well being

We encourage everyone associated within our network to become involved.


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