Medical Deliveries

All vehicles have Medical Courier Window Signage for quick deliveries and pickups


  • Dedicated professional couriers
  • Prescheduled time specific routed pickup and delivery
  • Supported by STAT pickup and delivery
  • Performance reporting
  • 24/7/365

Stats and Demands

  • Immediate pick up and delivery
  • Standby couriers for fast response
  • Constant monitoring through completion
  • Call back or e-mail confirmation upon completion
  • On-line STAT request available
  • 24/7/365


Contracting with Avant equips your team with a virtual in-house staff of dispatchers and drivers. Eliminate the overhead costs of management, salaries, overtime, vacations, health care and retirement costs. Additionally, you will not need to worry about the ongoing vehicle maintenance fees, lease payments, gas, repairs, tolls, parking and insurance.

Avant provides you a designated driver to assure the consistent completion of your deliveries. Each agent is experienced in medical delivery processes and procedures and has received a comprehensive safety orientation. All of our drivers are HIPPA compliant. They are equipped with a blood and fluid spill kits, appropriate transporting devices and are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

You will enjoy the added comfort of working with an agent that is familiar with your delivery routes, special needs, staff, client locations, operating procedures and expectations. Avant drivers are polite, courteous, professionally attired and will quickly become an integral part of your operations and service team. Day in and day out, you will always see the same friendly familiar face of the agent dedicated to your account.

Our Drivers

  • Uniformed and Identifiable
  • HIPAA Compliant, Bio Safety Compliant, Background checked
  • Spill Kit Equipped & Trained
  • TSA Certified
  • Text Dispatched
  • Perform On-demand (STAT) & Route Assignments 24/7/365
  • 2 Way Digital Confirmation
  • Full Audit Trail From Request Through Completion

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