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Insurance Policy

I agree that the value of the shipments, whether consisting of one or more packages, is not more than $100.00 unless I declare such higher value to Avant Business Services and an increase of $1.00/$100.00 is charged & paid. Should I not declare a higher value to Avant Business Services then I acknowledge that Avant's liablity will be limited to $100.00 for loss or damage, regardless of cause and including negligence.

Avant will gladly provide upon request and my failure to declare such high value of fragile items shall relieve Avant Business Services from all liability for the loss or damage of such high value items including neglience. If, after due notice, such items are accepted for delivery all other conditions stated herein shall apply.

Avant Business Services will not be liable for the loss or damage caused by delay, improperly packed or labeled shipments, nor any consequential loss. With respect to securities and documents of any type, our liablity will not exceed the reasonable cost to reconstruct lost or damaged items.

Claims not made in writing to Avant Business Services within 21 days of scheduled delivery shall be deemed waived by the Shipper. Should any claim be asserted against us by a third party for shipments handled by us, Shipper agrees to hold Avant Business Services harmless against such claims, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage.

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